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PALFINGER EPSILON - Power of innovation

EPSILON has been the world’s leading manufacturer of cranes for manipulating timber and recycling assignments for many years. The company is also a one-stop supplier in the off-road sector. The multinational company is a proud member of the listed PALFINGER Group and has production and assembly sites in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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The New A-Line - logging excellence

The new A-Line, the EPSILON M13A, has been developed exclusively for the North American market in order to better meet the local needs of customers.

As usual, however, the requirements of the operator were very much at the heart of this new development. Consequently, with the Comfort Drive, a new crane command centre has been developed that redefines seat ergonomics and user-friendliness in the North American logger sector, especially in combination with the optional Cold Weather Package and EPSHOOD features.

For more details about EPSILON A-Line M13A please download product brochure A-Line 2.0 M13A

Highlights EPSILON A-Line M13A

Comfort Drive
– the new command center for professionals Experience ultimate comfort and functionality. Heated seating plus an operator’s protection hood will keep you comfortable even in the harshest climates.

– optional transparent protection hood for operators
Provides ideal view while the thermoplastic hood protects from sun and wind.

– patented telescope extension system
This service friendly system is fast, smooth and increases productivity without having to worry about downtime.

– patented link-rotator combination No exposed hoses means increased production, less downtime, and significant cost savings over the life of the loader.

– EPSILON Linkage System Industry leading weight to lift ratio means you’ll have the power to lift without the added weight resulting in more payload and productivity per load.